Preparations for Lent

It seems funny in a way to prepare for Lent as it is a season of preparation itself. Nevertheless we prepare to prepare. We think of fasts or projects to participate in. We dream of pancakes or packzis to devour. We think of what is to come and hopefully plan ways in which to dig […]

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins


We’ve been on a muffin kick here lately. My son asks for them all the time and devours them if allowed. This means I need to find different recipes to prevent boredom (on my part anyways). His favourite muffin is chocolate chip and I wanted to find a variation that we could add into the rotation. […]

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Because it’s Wednesday…

Because it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling frivolous and free I figured I would share some things I like right now beginning with this video. I’m a music nerd and enjoyed Pitch Perfect perhaps more than I should have. I like this rendition of When I’m Gone and thought I’d share it with you. Now on […]

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Where would we be now?

“There were a lot of political films coming out of Europe during the late ’60s. Movies like Costa-Gavras’s ‘Z’ and stuff like that. I used to go see all of them, and I realized that my righteous indignation was a form of entertainment for me. I loved getting pissed off at injustice. I didn’t do […]

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The disconnect.

My husband has been dropping my son off at his school on his way to work so he’s been taking the family car. We only invested in one car seat as lets face it, they’re expensive. As a result I’ve been spending more time in our other car. It’s a basic, no frills added CR-V […]

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A valentine from God {a giveaway}


You could say that the Bible is one epic valentine from God. You could also say it’s the greatest love story ever told. Whatever you think of the Bible it is the story of God’s people and we see time and again God breaking into their existence, demonstrating his love. God’s love is still here today. […]

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The common cold

Did Jesus get colds? Probably. They happen to everyone, don’t they. For the past week and a half we’ve been battling colds in this house. My husband and son were both quite sick and I started to feel pretty good about myself. That’s when things go sour, isn’t it? Never feel good about how healthy you […]

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Sometimes it’s hard…

Sometimes it’s hard to go to church. I know.  It’s a horrible thing to say.  Nevertheless it’s true. There are some Sundays where it’s really difficult to get myself out of bed and drag myself into the shower.  As a pregnant woman I don’t find the pews particularly comfortable. My son does not enjoy the […]

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Wise words from Mr. The King.


My son has been home sick the last couple of days. It’s nothing serious, don’t fret. He had a fever and some aches but is now in recovery mode. He’s been resting on the couch with his cars, trains and books.  We’ve been watching videos when it’s too much effort to play and then there […]

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Mamma Mia


I’m sitting here on the couch trying to relax while half watching Mamma Mia. Yesterday I went in for a regular pregnancy check up and my blood pressure was up and that’s not great.  I have really low blood pressure naturally so my doctor told me off, cracked a few jokes and I came home […]

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