She eats plants…

It’s a beautiful day here.  The sun is shining and I can see grass.  I’ve been waiting for days like this.  It’s heavenly.   I’ve found myself getting antsy lately as we’ve been stuck indoors for a few months.  We were able to escape here and there but not at all as much as we might’ve liked and it’s absolutely marvellous to be able to go for walks again.  It’s like Easter is happening before my eyes.  I can see new life.  I can breathe in potential.

Speaking of new life and potential I thought I’d let you know about something knew that I am trying.  In the past on this blog I featured faith and food.  It was good but at times I felt pulled in different directions and wasn’t certain where I was going or what I was writing about.  I’ve decided to split these two things and have two separate areas to write about the things I’m passionate about.  This blog will remain as it always has been a place for my stories, my faith and exploration.  I’m moving food to a new location.  I’ll be chronicling my kitchen adventures at from now on.  From time to time I may have a post here that lets you know what’s going on there but I think this new plan should keep things more focused and  prevent scatter.  I’m all about streamlined living.

I hope you’ll join me over at She Eats Plants.  I love to cook and enjoy sharing recipes.  It’s something I have loved doing here but it’s time for a change and I think this will be a good thing.   I also look forward to sharing more on this blog.  I feel with the sun pouring in and fresh air all around inspiration may be something I might have in the near future.  It was a long hard winter.  I’m looking forward to spring.

When therapists attack…

Okay, they don’t actually attack.  Maybe ‘take over’ is a better description.  My son’s therapists have moved in and essentially claimed every area that is not our (my husband and I) bedroom as an acceptable place to do therapy.  The type of IBI that X. is currently engaged in is all about learning within the real world so that the skills he learns are transferable to many different situations.  I am behind this 100% but it has left me with almost nowhere to retreat to.  They’ve even claimed my office as it seems to be the most comfortable place to do puzzles and play games.

I don’t want you thinking I can’t live in my own home. I can. I am allowed to play with the baby anywhere and we can co-exist with the therapy but I need some quiet time. I crave quiet time in the day.  So does my little guy.  He cannot nap in chaos.  I don’t think many of us can.  After a month of hanging out in the relative quiet of my bedroom while my son napped in his bassinet mid-afternoon I found myself dreaming of a place where I could leave my computer out and have a few books in a stack.  You know, an office of sorts kind of like the one that was stolen from me.  This dream has become a reality.  While I was walking through Costco last week I found a cheap folding table that was skinny enough to fit in front of my bedroom window.  I’m writing on it right now!  It’s fantastic.  There’s room for a few books, a cup of coffee, my elbows and my laptop.  Have I mentioned it can be easily converted into a sewing station?


I feel like a new woman.  Like this week I may write an epic love story or the next great theological text.  While in reality I may just send a few emails and post a blog or two this has folding table has given me the opportunity for a little quiet in quite a loud season and I am thrilled to have found it.  Here’s to the little things in life!  They sometimes make all the difference.

It is possible…

It is possible.

We can actually think and live clutter free.

It takes a bit of work.  Ok it takes a lot of work but with the help of a book like Organize Now! Think and Live Clutter-Free it is possible.  What I really liked about the book was it’s ability to take all the work that is necessary and break it down into bite like chunks.  Really isn’t anything in life possible if we just take it a little at a time?

Organize Now Blog Tour Badge 2

Over the past week I’ve made a few changes in our house. The most noticeable is my sleep organization.  I’ve been firm in my schedule and have set aside more time to prepare to go to sleep. It hasn’t helped this pregnant woman stay asleep but it has made for a nicer evening/morning experience and I am pleased to say that I feel better knowing that sleep will take place in bed.  I’m notoriously bad for napping on the couch before heading off to bed and since reading the tips on sleep, I’ve felt good about how my sleep is structured.

If you’re looking for a book that has simple, accessible tips to help you organize many parts of your life I say give this one a try.  It’s been an interesting read and has caused me to stop and think about the way I do things.  The winner of the free book was IamJudithMaria thanks to the generator at  I will be in touch soon to get the book to you! 

I was given a copy of Organize Now! Think and Live Clutter Free to read and review.  The opinions expressed in the above post are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the organizers of the blog tour or the author of the book.  

I guess I’ll just say it…

This morning after drop off

I’m reading this book

There was this one time

I cannot seem to write this blog.  I’ve been trying for days so I guess I’ll just say it.  We’re having a baby!

I am filled with all kinds of emotion.  There’s joy, terror, excitement and much more running through my veins all at once.  We’re thrilled to welcome a new addition to our family. I wonder though how we will transition from 3 to 4.  I hope my son remains excited when there is actually a baby in our home. I pray that this baby is healthy and whole and that it grew a diaphragm!  I’m probably the only mother in the world who actually told her unborn child to grow a diaphragm.

I’m feeling much better now.  I look less like death and have a little more energy so I hope I can blog more.  I have so much to share.  My list of ideas and giveaways is a mile long!  I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and thank you for your patience with me while I was unable to write.

I am alive.

I am alive. I am a little weary but I’m alive. Life has been full lately. My son is active and adventurous. There have been outside forces pulling at me from all sides. As a result I’ve had to step back a bit. I haven’t been writing but I have been living. Here’s a little snapshot of my life at the moment:

Food of the moment: Kale chips.  YUM.
Song of the moment: Paper doll by John Mayer.  Who knew a revenge song could become my new summer groove?  A close second is Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin.
Most overused phrase: Sit on the potty.
Book of the moment: Game of thrones.
Cookbook of the moment: Chloe’s kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli
TV show of the moment: Start Trek: the Next Generation (season 2 specifically)

I will write again soon. Something with substance and heart. Just not tonight. Tonight is reserved for Jonah and sermons and thoughts and maybe a little Picard.



My Keurig and I have an understand…

photo (52)

My Keurig and I have an understanding. It will work for me provided I put a little effort in. I need to buy the coffee and fill the reservoir. The last part is what gets me every time. More mornings than I might care to admit have involved me waiting for my coffee to brew only to find that it will not come until I put some water in. The flashing blue light is a glaring indicator of my failure at maintaining my end of the bargain. It’s easy to overlook the part where you fill it at the end of a day. When I have my last cup I simply turn the machine off and think I’ll fill it later. The trouble is I almost never do this. I forget and then the next morning you can find me clumsily trying to fill the machine so it will give me the coffee I desire. The process is unnecessary. If I just put a little work in when I didn’t immediately need coffee the machine would be ready to go when I do need it.

This morning as I was fumbling once again in my attempt to get coffee I realized that this struggle is kind of like the one many of us have in our relationship with God. It’s easy to neglect God and spiritual discipline when things are going well. We don’t roll out of bed early to get the day started with God because we think we can do it later. When we do this and it becomes a habit, those days God is needed are tough. We struggle to connect with God and reach for him clumsily because we didn’t maintain the connection, we didn’t do the work when things were going well. We need to remember that our spiritual reservoir must be filled like the one found on the coffee machine. We need to continue to fill that reservoir daily so when strength is needed, it’s easier to access.

Size isn’t everything.

I’ve lost 4 followers in the last week.


I shouldn’t sigh. I shouldn’t even be concerned really. I don’t do this for numbers or hits. I write to share my faith, my life and other random things I think about that I probably shouldn’t share but do anyhow. I write to maintain my skills during dry seasons in ministry. I write and sometimes erase just to vent. Followers aren’t really part of the equation, at least they aren’t when things are going up. When they go down though I notice and wonder if it’s something I said, or did, or didn’t do.

On some level this is something we all worry about, isn’t it? If we’re in ministry we worry about numbers and attendance. In the working world we seek to make connections and friends. Networking and people go hand in hand in the modern world and numbers equal success (or so we are told). When someone stops attending their vacant seat in the pew is a glaring notification of their absence. A dropped subscriber is noticed. We don’t wish to fail.

Jesus knows a little something about followers though and he got me to thinking today when I was questioning everything I know to be true about blogging.  When we look at Jesus’ ministry, we see a man who started with just himself and eventually was preaching to crowds well into the thousands. In the final week of his life, he went from having a parade thrown in his honor to having been abandoned by all but a handful of his closest friends.  Yet still, in the midst of it all he persisted and moved forward with his mission.  When Sunday came, when he stepped out of that tomb he knew he some would come back and some would not but ultimately he had accomplished what he was sent to do and that was what was important. It wasn’t about followers, it was about people and the message.

As Church people (and as bloggers) we need to remember this. It isn’t the size of your subscriber list or the number of people in the pews that matters. What matters is the life you are living, the service you are doing and the mission God has given you. If you are living your life in accordance with what God wants, if your worshipping community is focussed on the Gospel and shining a light into the world, God-things will happen.  Size isn’t everything, it’s the substance that counts.

While it always hurts when people move on, my blog isn’t about my followers it’s about shining a light into the world to whoever happens to pop in. It isn’t about me, it’s about God and isn’t that the most important thing? Whatever we do, no matter how big or how small should all be about God and regardless of how big or little I become I shall endeavor to make this blog just that.