Squeezing life.

There is a satisfying moment that comes at the end of every large sink of dishes. That moment when you take the dishcloth and wring it out in your hands, removing as much water as possible and then you hang it to dry. That moment signifies the end. It’s over and done with. You can move on. As I’ve been living out the final days of summer I’ve been squeezing every drop of life out of each day. I have spent my time living, doing, being. I have known what it is to be dirty. I have slid down the slide and punched down dough. I’ve watched X. discovered numbers and letters and colors. I’ve watched my little guy has discover new concepts and begin to read. I’ve played with dinosaurs and gotten fake shots from a pretend doctor. The days have been wonderful and I feel blessed to have been given this time.

When the summer began and I realized I had such a long stretch between preaching gigs {due to weddings and family obligations on weekends} I wasn’t sure what would happen. I wondered if I would miss it. I wondered what I would fill my extra time with. I thought it would be this blog but life took over and I just lived. We’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s been a joy to watch my little guy grow and the evenings spent with my husband have been restorative and refreshing. I have enjoyed this season of rest, active rest but rest that I’ve enjoyed. I have really enjoyed this time being just me.

That said I know that work is good for me. It keeps me organized and prevents me from killing myself in the kitchen {I’m making a lot of bread!}. I’m starting to get a sense that I might need some structure and a little time for my brain to think and dream again. I have felt God’s tug at my heart and know that this season is nearing it’s end. I’ve learned what it is to rest and I realize I need to do it more. Evenings with books and baths, with movies and good conversation will have to be continued. I cannot sacrifice all of my life. I need to have some moments for living. I need to be ‘me’ more often. As I gear up for a season of work I am looking at my life and trying to see what it is that God is calling me to. I am praying and planning and ordering things for the fall so that when work demands do return I do not sacrifice all my time and forget what it is to rest. Balance is key.

I will continue to squeeze life out of this summer, to get every last drop of time I have left in God’s gift of time knowing that in days to come rest might be more difficult to find. I have learned a few things from this period of rest and I intend to carry them forward. This fall I will intentionally plan Sabbath. I will seek quiet and contemplation. I will seek balance when balance seems challenging. I can see now how necessary it is to plan time away, to seek space to allow God in.

How are you preparing for fall? Will you intentionally seek rest this fall? How will you celebrate your Sabbath?


  1. says

    I love your writing Becky! I just wrote about Embracing Summer’s end last week too…soaking it all up with you and welcoming Fall’s rest in. We serve a pretty creative God! ~ Blessings from Maine, Amy :)

    • Becky says

      Thanks Amy! We do serve a creative God. There are moments when I wander around this earth and marvel at how much imagination and effort went into each piece. To think of the energy and effort that this would have taken and to realize how much of a blessing it is to be part of it is really astounding at times. Glad to hear you’re soaking it all in with me!

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