The margins

Yesterday at church a kind man took me aside after the congregational meeting and told me he thought I would benefit from building margins into my life.  He said he had done it as he needed some down time in which to really live and he thought I could do with some of that time. I laughed and said he was right but walked away without thinking too much about it. The day stretched on and I found myself bouncing from child to child, from the laundry basket to the dishes and trying to squeeze a few moments in to read my book of the week. It was not a Sabbath. It was another work day. I had things to do. I didn’t rest. Looking back I see that this is not good.

He was right, I need to build in margins. You know who else talks about margins, God and I should’ve been listening to him too.  I need margins. I need to build some breaks into my days. It’s in the margins of life that God is found. God can be heard there, embraced there, experienced there. When life gets over scheduled it can be hard to see what is happening, to embrace the miracle of the moment.

I’m going to work on building those margins in. I know that it’s needed. I cannot maintain this pace and expect God to keep up. God has asked me to slow down. God has asked me to take a rest. It’s time I stopped and listened to that. It’s time I stopped and listened to him.

I may be losing it…

I am tired. Really tired. My son is teething. I’m not sleeping. I make it through the day but find myself falling asleep on my poor husband every night while watching TV. It’s not a season for rest in this house. It’s something else altogether and in the midst of it all I’ve found myself thinking that I’d like to write a book. I think I’ve lost it, gone off the deep end. With everything that’s going on I don’t know that I have time but the thought keeps entering my consciousness and I find myself wondering how I could make it all work.

Pray for me will you? I may be losing it or I might just be starting something. Who knows but whatever winds up happening I must ask you to pray because I think that even if I don’t write a book, I’m stepping on a path to somewhere. I don’t know where that is yet but I have a feeling it will be an adventure.



You have a story.

photo-4 copy 9

You have a story. It’s your story and you are the one who’s lived it. It has high moments and low moments, happy moments and bitter moments. You may have lived through terror or peace, through many years or few. You may have moved and seen the world or perhaps just stayed where you were […]

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Footie PJs

“Do you want to see the blood moon?” I ask, uncertain what the answer will be. “Wow.” he whispers in reply to a suggestion for a quest together on this brisk autumn morning. He peers out the window looking for the moon. I tell him to get his shoes and watch him slip his pyjama covered […]

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With great hesitation…

one thousand gifts

With great hesitation I must confess something. This horrible, awful, no good truth that has been eating away at my soul over the last week must come out. The truth is One Thousand Gifts didn’t do it for me. I know, I know. What’s wrong with me, you ask? I honestly don’t know. Everyone else […]

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The art of being mindful.

“Thus we are sucked away into the future — and we are incapable of actually living one minute of life. – The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh Being mindful is an art. It requires practice and patience. It is not something that happens instantly or that […]

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The hair dryer that wasn’t…


About 6 months ago I bought a new hair dryer. My hair dryer had died and I needed to replace it. It happens from time to time. Usually every 2-3 years around these parts so I wasn’t concerned. This morning my new hairdryer died in a small puff of heat never to be heard from […]

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Eager to Love

photo-4 copy 6

It was a tough day today. I’m happy to be sitting here at the end of it with my pyjamas on ready to launch into an episode of Castle.  It’s mindless entertainment and I know I should be doing other things but today I embrace that which is easy.  Still it is Wednesday and I […]

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Does thou shalt not kill apply to spiders?


One of my favourite sensations is the feeling of a hot shower on a crisp fall morning. The frosty air melts away into a pool of delicious warmth. I enjoyed one this morning and it was heavenly. Too short but heavenly nonetheless. As I exited my shower and wrapped a towel around me I was […]

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Where it takes me

I have turned the last page on The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation by Thomas Merton.  It was wonderful.  I was absorbed in the concepts and thoughts, the suggestions and ideas.  I found myself really contemplating (haha) the text and ideas at hand and it was good for me.  I’ve always been drawn to more […]

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